Car drives through wall, pins 11-year-old to her bed

RIDGECREST, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - An 11-year-old girl was pinned to her bed by a car early Saturday morning when a driver reversed through her bedroom wall, Kern fire officials said.

The girl was later taken to Ridgecrest hospital where she is being treated for minor injuries.

Firefighters were called out to the Ridgecrest duplex at around 4:45 a.m. Saturday after getting a call about a vehicle driving through a wall.

They arrived to find the car went into an 11-year-old girl's bedroom, trapping her between her bed at the car.

Ridgecrest Police and C.E.R.T helped fire crews stabilize the car and rescue the child.

Officials said the driver was also transported to Ridgecrest Hospital with minor injuries.

Police are still trying to find out what caused the crash.