Cat owner: Pest control company caught pet, released her like a stray

Provided photo

Cat owner Emily Kerber is seeking justice from a local pest control company that she said captured her cat in a skunk trap and released it in an empty field.

Kerber lives at Mesa Creek Apartments. Staff at the apartments hired Bev Valley Pest to capture skunks.

Kerber said the complex manager informed her that two cats had been caught in the traps, and one of them matched the description of her cat, Rasta.

Kerber reached out to Bev Valley Pest, and it confirmed it had caught Rasta in its trap.

The pest control officials said they released Rasta near Stockdale Highway and Enos Lane, which is private property, believing she was a stray.

Bakersfield Animal Control is investigating the situation and said there could be a potential criminal violation.

Kerber said she hopes no one else has to go through something like this, and she would like Rasta home.

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