Colorado tragedy turns attention to security at Bakersfield theaters

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Shortly after midnight Friday, a gunman wearing a gas mask and black SWAT gear set off a gas canister and then opened fire inside a crowded theater in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colo., killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others, authorities said.

The rampage has heightened security concerns at movie theaters across the nation, including those in Bakersfield.

Less than 24 hours later, local movie theaters were buzzing.

"It's so sad to think about, because for some people, movies are the only way to get away from the world," said Clayton Winkler.

"It's sad when people don't know the difference between reality and make believe."

The reality is darker than ever. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory to theaters across the country.
They say to limit access to approved individuals, and ensure sensitive areas are properly secured.
Local movie-goers had some suggestions of their own.

"Smaller cities may be hire a security guard, but I don't know how much they can do," said movie-goer Vince Ortiz.

The parent company for Edwards Cinemas on Ming Avenue released a statement Friday on Facebook.
The company says, "...We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our needs as necessary."
So will last night's events stop people from going to the movies?

"It won't affect me because I'm a movie guy and I love going to the movies," said one movie-goer.

"It's really just an isolated event, and you don't see that happen often."

This type of violent crime has happened here before.
Some may recall a shooting at an East Bakersfield theater in 1998.
Still, the line was around the corner for the 'Dark Knight Rises' at many local theaters.