Community welcomes new street name in southeast Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.-- Bakersfield's newest street is named after a man who is a revered figure in the southeast.

Tyree Toliver Street is named after Dr. Toliver. Crews from the department of Public Works put up the new street signs early Friday morning.

"When I first saw it, I was just so excited I just started screaming," said Brenda Prince, daughter of Tyree Toliver.

The late Tyree Toliver was pastor for 50 years at St. John Missionary Baptist Church on East Brundage Lane. He was also instrumental in bringing a county library to the area and advocating for educational opportunities for youth in the economically depressed area.

Toliver street replaces Hayes street and runs just four blocks, from Virginia Avenue on the north to East Brundage Lane on the south.