County supervisors exploring ways to combat drought

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Tuesday afternoon, Kern County supervisors looked for ways that residents could reduce water usage by 25 percent.

"Everything that citizens can do and government can do to reduce the use of water is a good idea," said county Chief Administrative Officer John Nilon.

The county even provided a list of ideas on how to accomplish it. For example, adjust automatic sprinkler systems, water at night and take shorter showers. Using dishwashers only with a full load and sweeping sidewalks clean instead of spraying them could also help.

Nilon explained the need for the county's continued support for a drought declaration.

"That allows those that have been harmed to help qualify for state and federal dollars in the future," said Nilon.

"We are going building by building evaluating what are the possibilities for landscape, which currently happens to be one of the biggest uses of water in the county government," Nilon continued.

Late Tuesday afternoon, supervisors voted unanimously to approve the drought declaration.