Derek, David Carr announce partnership with Dignity Health

Derek, left, and David Carr talk Friday, June 16, 2017 about why they're partnering with Dignity Health in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Derek Carr said Friday that he and his brother, David, will partner with Dignity Health because they've both "been there."

The Oakland Raiders quarterback's son was treated at Valley Children's for intestinal malrotation. David, the former NFL quarterback, is diabetic, and so are his three children.

“We’ve sat in those seats with a little bit of angst," said Derek Carr, adding that the partnership was a "no-brainer."

The brothers have worked with Valley Children's Healthcare for several years. Now that Valley Children's is working with Dignity Health at its Bakersfield hospitals, the Carrs said they're excited to expand the partnership.

Memorial Hospital President and CEO Jon Van Boening and Valley Children's President and CEO Todd Suntrapak were on hand for a ceremony to announced the famous football brothers would work with Dignity Health.

“It gives me an extra special bit of excitement that now the great hospitals here at Memorial and Mercy will benefit from this expanding partnership," Suntrapak said.

Bakersfield patients can go to Valley Children's in Madera for care. Valley Children's doctors travel to the Lauren Small Children’s Center at Memorial Hospital.

Valley Children’s is also expanding its services in Bakersfield with the construction of the 52,000-square-foot Eagles Oaks Specialty Care Center off Stockdale Highway.

The Carrs, according to Suntrapak, are “inspirational human beings" and “generous with their gifts.”

So, what exactly will the Carrs do as partners with Dignity Health?

“Whatever 'helping' entails,” answered Derek Carr. That often means visiting sick kids in the hospital or shooting commercials.

David Carr said he hopes their involvement helps expand the range of care available in his hometown of Bakersfield.

“Whatever they’re experiencing (at Valley Children's in Madera), that needs to be everywhere," he said. "That needs to be in my hometown. As much as I love Madera and Fresno -- I went to school there, I had some good times there -- this is where I live. So, if you can bring that experience to families here, in my backyard, sign me up.”

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