Drivers on wet roads: 'they're crazy, they get a lead foot'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) With all the accidents, some local drivers are the first to complain that Southern Californians just don't know how to drive in wet highway conditions."I think people just get careless," Cathy Cornell said. "They don't realize that the pavement's got oil and dirt on them without the rain and water for so long, (and) that it just causes them to be very slick.""Yeah, they're crazy, they get a lead foot," Jose Reyes added.And, driving too fast is the biggest problem that both drivers and experts point to."We want to definitely tell everybody to please slow it down," California Highway Patrol Officer Robert Rodriguez said. Drivers say they see speeds too fast for the conditions, and other bad behavior."People are weaving in and out of traffic, they don't care about anybody else," Reyes added."You get a couple drops of rain out there, and people start spinning out," Bob Thomas said. "And (driving) too close." Thomas said he was trying to get up to Visalia on Friday morning and got stuck in traffic caused by the big rig accident on Highway 58. He ticked off a list of other safe-driving adjustments he makes on wet roads"I leave more room between myself and the car in front of me," Thomas said. "And, (I'm) just a little more vigilant."And, he also slows way down when it rains.That's the biggest thing, said the CHP's Rodriguez. He also asked drivers to leave more time for their trips, and to make sure the car's in good working order."We know it hasn't rained for a while here in Bakersfield, so make sure that your vehicle is up to par, as well," Rodriguez said.