Family thankful for Good Samaritan's help fixing flat tire

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) This Labor Day, one family is looking for an anonymous helper, so they can say "thank you."

A father and son stuck in the heat with a flat tire were aided by a Good Samaritan.

Jolene Tallant says her son Nick used to have a saying: "If you don't have a high opinion of people, you'll never be let down."

She says, "That's crushing as a parent."

That attitude came to a screeching halt when Nick and his father Tim got a flat tire Aug. 19 at the intersection of California and Stockdale.

They needed a wrench to replace their flat tire. That's when a woman offered some unexpected help.

"She said, 'Well, alright, I'll go see if I can find one,' and I went, 'Yeah, OK, thank you very much," Tim Tallant recalls.

"My son turned around and said, 'We're never going to see her again," the father says.

But, 10 minutes later, the mystery woman returned with the exact wrench they needed.

Nick Tallant was stunned.

"Me and my dad just looked at each other, like did that just happen? Wait. Did she really just show up again?" the son recalls.

Nick Tallant says the mystery woman showed up with the exact part they needed. Even more amazing, the woman didn't expect anything in return.

"It was probably about a $45 wrench. I handed her money, (but) she wouldn't accept it," Tim Tallant says.

His son says the Good Samaritan saved their necks.

"She said, Don't worry about a thing. I've been having some bad karma lately, so I'm just hoping doing something good will have some good karma," he recalls.

The mother says she's noticed a change in her son. He's no longer using the once-familiar saying.

"To me, I feel like she saved my son by giving back that hope in people, because his attitude has changed now," Jolene Tallant says.