Final EIR completed on 24th St. Improvements

BAKERSFIELD Calif. (KBAK, KBFX) -- The city of Bakersfield is another step closer in its journey to improve highway access by widening 24th St. with the completion of the Environmental Impact Report.

The report can be viewed here.

The issue of widening 24th St. has been a contentious one. Neighbors on both sides of the street have lobbied to save their homes.

It's a topic Eyewitness News took up with City Manager Alan Tandy Monday afternoon.

To improve traffic, the city hopes to expand areas with four lanes to six and those with six lanes up to eight. "...Sillect and the on-ramp to the freeway over by Buck Owens to where 178 transitions from a freeway," said Tandy.

But creating space for those lanes, means a row of houses - either on the north side or south side of 24th St. - must go.

Recent proposals seem to point to construction happening on the north side of the street.

The EIR is set to be voted on by the planning commission in early January. After that, it will be taken to the city council.