Fourth of July fireworks: 'Safety. That's our concern'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif -- It's the fourth of July and folks were out buying fireworks for the night's spectacular displays. Even temperatures in the triple digits didn't deter the most diehard firework fans.

Sherri Salyer says she and her husband buy fireworks from several stands each year. They end up with the amount and variety to entertain their three teenagers who share the Salyer's passion for the holiday.

"We spend anywhere from $250 to $500, and go for about an hour and a half, two hours," Salyer adds.

Many of the firework stands set up around Bakersfield and throughout Kern county benefit a nonprofit group.

Stella Berlanga, from the Higher Ground Church says volunteers from her church are selling the fireworks in order to send the kids to youth summer camp.

"We do pass out a leaflet with the firework sales kind of giving some information on safety. That's our concern. We want to make sure nobody gets hurt," said Berlanga.

The California fire marshal has put out a slogan of "safe and sane" when it comes to the fireworks that are approved for legal use. The typical rules apply like don't light them near people, homes or vehicles, keep water on hand to be sure they are out and do not let a child set them off.