Gas thief caught on camera

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A local gas station discovered surveillance video of a man pulling up to the pump and syphoning thousands of dollars worth of gas from it.

Gina Pena is the general manager at the Chevron at Mesa Marin.

She showed Eyewitness News surveillance video from a few nights ago.

The video shows a driver pulling into the gas station, and getting out of his pickup truck, before apparently syphoning gas from the station.

"Their snapping the padlocks and opening it and going down into the tank and syphoning it," she said.

According to Pena, the driver of the pickup truck has gotten away with $14,000 worth of gas.

The owner of the station doesn't have insurance, so the money comes right out of the employees' pockets.

"It's affecting our families," said Pena.

The pickup truck is light blue. The first three digits of the truck's license plate are 7-S-8.

You can cash in, if you can contribute info to catch the culprit. Pena said they're putting out a $1,000 reward for anybody that can find the suspect or help with information.

She said the thief needs to get a job, before the Chevron workers lose theirs.

"This is a job for seven or eight people. If we can't afford to pay them, we're not gonna have a store, and there won't be any gas to steal anymore," Pena said.

If you have any information helpful to the investigation, call Bakersfield police at 327-7111.