Got Safety? Car crashes into first aid store

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A car crashed into the Got Safety? first aid store at 23rd and C Street downtown late Saturday morning, causing serious damage to the building's office.

The car crashed into the office portion of the business, pushing a desk across the office.

Tracy Calaustro co-owns the business with her husband, Vince. Tracy said that Vince had been sitting at the desk that was hit just 5 minutes before the crash.

"I've been on to the city, calling and asking them to please put a barrier ... like they have over at Monterey and Niles and they said 'no, there's no history of accidents'," said Calaustro.

There are metal poles installed around the building to prevent cars from crashing into the store, but on Saturday the vehicle hit the building after driving through some shrubbery. Calaustro said that there have been four incidents where vehicles have crashed into their business since she and her husband purchased the place.

"What does it take? does someone have to get killed before you do something?"

Officials on-scene reported that the driver was not hurt in the crash. Two teenage passengers fled the scene after the crash.

They are continuing the investigation into why the driver crashed into Got Safety. Calaustro said that alcohol appeared to be a factor in why the driver crashed into the building.