Governor signs law allowing undocumented youth to get driver license

      BAKERSFIELD, Calif. Students around Kern county sounded off Monday morning gon a new law that allows undocumented youth to obtain a driver's license.

      "I think it's OK if they have been here for a while," said Bakersfield College student Shanice Johnson.

      The law - one of nearly a 1,000 sent to Gov. Jerry Brown by the legislature - states that youth must qualify for a federal work permit, have been brought to the U.S. before age 16 and must currently be younger than 30 years old. Youth applying also must have a clean criminal record.

      Students like Bakersfield College freshman Adrian Chavez said the ability to get a license will allow for more productive use of their day.

      "I have my sister, and I come with her, but her classes start at 8 but mine doesn't start until 11," he said. "It's difficult to entertain myself for those 3 hours."

      Chavez said having a license would also allow him to apply for jobs currently out of reach.

      The licenses will be available starting in Janurary 2013.