Governor, state lawmakers get pay raise

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) The commission that sets the pay of California lawmakers and statewide elected officials such as the governor and attorney general has voted to restore a 5 percent pay cut it made to salaries last year as state employees faced furloughs.

Pay rates for lawmakers, statewide officials {>}{>}

Wednesday's vote was 5-1 in favor of restoring the wages to 2011 levels. Chairman Thomas Dalzell opted not to vote because a tie-breaker was not necessary.

The base salary of rank and-file lawmakers has dropped from $116,208 five years ago to $90,526, while the governor's salary has declined from a high of $212,179 in 2008 to $165,288.

Lawmakers now will make $95,290 a year while the governor will be paid $174,000.

Members of the California Citizens Compensation Commission cited the state's improving finances and the lack of a budget deficit.

Pay rates for lawmakers, statewide officials

The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted Wednesday to restore some pay cuts to state lawmakers and statewide elected officials, amounting to a raise of more than 5 percent from current salaries. Here are the current base salaries and the salaries after the raises take effect Dec. 1:

Governor: from $165,288 to $173,987.

Lieutenant governor: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Attorney general: from $143,571 to $151,127.

Secretary of state: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Controller: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Treasurer: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Superintendent of public instruction: from $143,571 to $151,127.

Insurance commissioner: from $132,230 to $139,189.

Board of Equalization members: from $123,965 to $130,490.

Speaker of the Assembly: from $104,105 to $109,584.

President pro tem of the Senate: from $104,105 to $109,584.

Minority floor leader: from $104,105 to $109,584.

Majority floor leader: from $97,315 to $102,437.

Second ranking minority leader: from $97,315 to $102,437.

All other lawmakers: from $90,526 to $95,291.