Have you found a painted rock in Tehachapi?

A painted-rock craze is taking over Tehachapi for the summer and is helping to keep kids active. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

It's a painted-rock movement that's sweeping the nation, and recently gained traction in Tehachapi.

"Tehachapi Rocks" was started by Chandra Holmes at the end of May. She said she saw it being done in Ridgecrest and immediately wanted to bring the art project to Tehachapi.

"My family and I bought two giant bags of rocks from Home Depot and started painting," she said via a Facebook message. "I created the group thinking we'd be lucky if we got over 400 members, but it would still be fun even if it was small. We reached 400 members in three days, and it has continued to blow up. Everyone messages me thanking me for the time it's given their families to spend together doing something positive and gets them out of the house."

Since then, the rock scavenger hunt has created a lot of buzz in the community. Parents said it allows their kids to get creative and keeps them active.

From trees, to Minions, to superheroes, people both young and old are painting rocks for others to find.

Here are the rules, as described in the Facebook page:

  • Paint or decorate rocks and hide them around Tehachapi.
  • If you find a rock, you can keep it or hide it again.
  • Share pictures of what you find in the Facebook group.
  • If you hide rocks, post your hint on the page wall on where people can find it.
  • If you decide to keep the rocks you find, put more out so other people can enjoy them and keep the fun going.
  • Write "Tehachapi, CA Rocks" on the back of the rock, so if someone out of the group picks it up they know where it's from.

So far, a couple of people from out of state have posted that they found the painted rocks.

"I thought that was really cool, because then it's like our little town is getting out there, because not many people know this town," Rhonda Acord said.

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