Immigration reform rally help outside majority whip's office

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform gathered Wednesday outside the Bakersfield office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

The group said it would like to see McCarthy, the House majority whip, take a more active role in solving the nation's immigration issues.

The scene outside the congressman's office was an all too familiar one, similar to many recent immigration rallies.

"Unless you're Native American, they came from somewhere," said Dolores Huerta, a labor leader and civil rights activist who helped organize Wednesday's protest.

The group turned in signed postcards requesting McCarthy's support. Organizers said on the eve of Independence Day, they thought it appropriate to continue to fight for the rights of workers who immigrated to this country illegally.

"Many immigrants unfortunately live in the shadows, although they pick our food, construct our buildings, raise our children and clean our homes," said Camilla Chavez.

Wednesday afternoon, McCarthy's office issued a statement, saying, "We are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws. Congress will continue to thoroughly review all proposals as we work to restore faith in our immigration system."