Jawbone Complex fire grows in eastern Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A new rash of lightning-caused fires are on the rise for eastern Kern County, just days after fire crews classified most of the Piute complex fire under control.

The Jawbone Complex fire was started Friday afternoon in the Jawbone Canyon area after a thunderstorm hit the area. It is currently burning over 10 square miles of land in the canyon.

The complex is made up of the Jawbone, Rim and Slope fires. Crews are looking into the possibility of two other unnamed fries in the area. The slope and two unnamed fires are considered a low priority.

The Rim fire is the largest blaze in the complex, listed at over 5300 acres. Fire officials have said it is still making significant runs. The Jawbone fire is listed as burning 1900 acres of brush. Both fires are moving to the west and are listed at 10% containment as of Sunday afternoon.

Fire officials have said that there is a difficulty getting equipment and resources because of the high statewide demand and other new fires cropping up around California.

Fire crews continue to work the Piute Complex fire after the Incident Management Team extended their work for another day because of local fire activity.