KCAS rescues 2 dogs, including bulldog who can't use front legs

A photo provided by the Kern County Animal Services on July 6, 2017, shows a dog rescued during an animal cruelty investigation. The dogs are from the Caliente area.

The Kern County Animal Services rescued two dogs Thursday as it investigates a case of suspected animal cruelty.

Director Nick Cullen says the dogs came from the Caliente area. He said there's not yet enough information for an arrest.

"We struggle to understand how anyone could treat an animal this way," reads a post on the KCAS Facebook page.

One dog, possibly a shih tzu, is so badly matted that "it was difficult to even determine her sex."

The other dog, a bulldog, has one front leg amputated and the other front leg "so badly broken" she learned to walk upright.

KCAS is seeking donations for the care of these dogs.

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