Kern County animal control officers rescue 7 dogs

STALLION SPRINGS, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Seven dogs were rescued from inhumane conditions at a Stallion Springs property Thursday.

Officers with Kern County Animal Services were called to the home when Stallion Springs police officers noticed the condition of the dogs.

The dogs were found when officers were at the property for an unrelated issue. They dogs were dehydrated, living in filth, and left without food or water.

The owner of the home was not there at the time. Earlier reports indicated that the home was abandoned, but police and neighbors have confirmed that the home is not abandoned.

The property on Arlington Place is frequently visited by Stallion Springs police.

Chief of Police Michael Grant confirmed that officers have had issues with the dogs at this home before. They have also showed up for calls about narcotics use, sex offenders at the home, and other disturbances.

The main concern from neighbors was that the dogs tend to get loose, and one of them was described as being vicious.

The dogs are currently being taken care of by the Kern County Animal Services medical team.

Maggie Kalar of Animal Services said that the seven dogs seem to be doing fine, now.

"The dogs appear to be fairly healthy," said Kalar. "The concern at the time that they were removed from the property was dehydration, since we weren't sure how long they had been without water."

An investigation is in progress, and charges may be filed by the Kern County District Attorney's Office, depending on the outcome.

The dogs will continue to be cared for by Animal Services.