Kern River search continues for Long Beach woman

Kim Lapp, right, who is missing in the Kern River, is seen in a provided photo.

The search continued for 36-year-old Kim Lapp Sunday morning in the Kern River at Hart Memorial Park.

She was last scene Saturday morning with family in the river, where she was swept away by the strong current after becoming dislodged from a raft.

Officials first responded to a call of several people needing aid in the river, and once they arrived they found Lapp's husband stranded on an island.

After rescuing him, search-and-rescue crews combed the area for Lapp but were not able to locate her.

Officials on scene said the family told them Lapp is a Long Beach native and is unable to swim.

"If you are going to come out to the river, I would suggest they go with a rafting company of some sort to enjoy the river," said Sgt. Zack Bittle of the Kern County Sheriff's Office. "Otherwise, enjoy it from the shoreline. It is just not a safe place to be this year. The river is still 10 times higher flowing than it was this time last year."

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