Kern River Valley residents dealing with smoke from nearby wildfire

The Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District is asking residents in the Kern River Valley and Ridgecrest areas to limit their outdoor activities due to smoke from the Schaeffer Fire.

Communities in Bodfish, Canebrake, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Mountain Mesa, Onyx, Weldon, and Wofford Heights are expected to be impacted by large volumes of smoke, according to district.

Lightning sparked the Schaeffer Fire on June 24. It's burning in Tulare County, 17 miles north of Kernville.

It is recommended that children, older people, and those with heart conditions abstain from any outdoor activities.

The district also says the use of swamp coolers is not recommended if smoke is present in your area, as they only remove a small amount of smoke particles.

Also, whole-house fans should not be used until the threat of smoke impacts in your area is gone.

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