Family copes with heartbreak, loss of 4-year-old boy with big dreams

Nathan Moreno, who died in a crash in Lamont, Calif., is seen in a photo provided by his family.

The family of 4-year-old Nathan Moreno is devastated after he was killed in a car crash at Buena Vista Boulevard and South Vineland Road in Lamont.

Nathan was a part of the Arvin Little League baseball team, and he and his mother, Monica, were heading home from practice when the crash occurred.

Nathan's cousin, Jovani Moran, said he was one of the first on scene of the collision.

"I pulled (Nathan's baseball cap) out from the car crash," Moran said. "It was the first thing I saw. It was sitting right next to his booster seat. I will keep this hat forever now."

The hat is symbolic, because at just 4 years old, Nathan already had his eyes set on his future with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.

Cindy Perez, Nathan's older cousin, said the family is trying to be strong.

"Last night, everyone got together and was praying and crying and trying to support one another as a family," she said.

The California Highway Patrol investigation into the crash continues.

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