Local motorcycle group hoping to honor fallen members

When 22-year-old Adolfo Canchan was killed in a motorcycle accident Tuesday night, it was a situation all to familiar to Leo Martinez.

"These last few days have been real rough on everybody. It seems as soon as we get out of one tragedy, we get hit with another one."

Martinez is the President of the Ruthless Ryderz Bakersfield chapter. Canchan is the third Ruthless Ryderz' member to die in a little over one year.

In June of 2011 Alex "woody" Bravo died in an accident. Martinez says he was a "good person."

Then in April, 20 year old Charla Wilkens was killed riding her motorcycle.

"She loved to ride, she was always willing to meet up and ride."

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Friday, the Ruthless Ryderz hosted a car wash. They say the money raised will go to Canchan's family to help pay for the funeral.

The Bakersfield Police Department says drivers can help prevent these tragedies.

"A lot of times drivers don't look for a motorcycle and instead are looking for other vehicles," says Uriel Pacheco of the BPD.

The Ruthless Ryderz hope to raise awareness by putting up a billboard promoting motorcycle safety.

Martinez says they're also looking to open a scholarship to honor their three fallen members.