Man accusing Bakersfield city manager in hockey fight: rules were broken

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The man accusing Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy of assault after they played in a recreational league hockey game said Thursday that "very specific rules" of hockey were broken in the altercation.

Jonathan Hudson, the general manager at the Shafter airport, claimed Tandy hit him in the head with his hockey stick after a weekend game at the San Joaquin Community Hospital Ice Center.

"Hockey's aggressive, stuff happens, (but) the game was over," Hudson said at his attorney's office.

City Attorney Ginny Gennaro turned the investigation over to the Kern County District Attorney's Office to avoid a conflict of interest.

Tandy has avoided comment on the post-game altercation, but his attorney, H.A. Sala, released new video from the game.

In the video, Sala shows a player on Tandy's team get hit by an opposing player using his stick. Sala said that opponent is Hudson.

"Hudson takes his stick and hits him with such force across the mouth (that) he falls flat on his face," said Sala. "What's that say about Mr. Hudson's character?"

After the post-game handshake Sala said Hudson got into a scuffle with one of Tandy's teammates, then grabbed him by the helmet.

That's when both attorneys said Tandy swung his stick.

"What was Mr. Tandy supposed to do?" asked Sala. "Let it happen?"

Daniel Rodriguez is representing Hudson. He said his client suffered a concussion.

"You don't hit a player on the head with a hockey stick," said Rodriguez. "During the game it's illegal, you get penalized. Afterwards, it can be called a crime."