Man charged with killing toddler with stray bullet

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The man accused in the fatal shooting of a Bakersfield toddler now faces four charges in the case. Anthony Chacon, 28, appeared in court Thursday afternoon for the death of Ka-Mya Robinson. The child's mother was at the hearing, and she was surrounded by armed officers.

"That was so she could attend the hearing in a safe manner," Kern County Deputy District Attorney James Simson told Eyewitness News. Five officers were seen around the mother in hallway, three escorted her into the courtroom.

Simson said the officers were there to protect the mother's emotional security, and so no one could interfere with her safety.

At the short hearing, a public defender representing Chacon entered not guilty pleas. According to court documents in the case, Chacon is charged with the murder of Ka-Mya, plus enhancements including gang activity and shooting a gun from a vehicle.

The shooting happened the night of April 30. The child was playing in the front yard of the family's house in the 1200 block of Virginia Avenue. Ka-Mya was apparently hit by a stray bullet.

Chacon is also charged with the attempted murder of Raymond Velasquez. The prosecutor wouldn't say too much about that man.

"A bullet got too close to him," Simson said. The Deputy D.A. said Velasquez was in the "line of fire" in a crowd when the shots were fired.

Bakersfield Police investigators have said the shooter was apparently a passenger with a group in an SUV that got into a confrontation with another group on the street. Officers said Chacon was identified through "witness information." That ID was announced in late May.

At that time Ka-Mya's mother pleaded for his arrest, and struggled to put her emotions into words.

"When they catch him, I think I'll have more on how I feel," Katie Wimbley told Eyewitness News. "But right now, I need them to find him first."

In court on Thursday, Wimbley only nodded that she didn't want to make a comment yet.

But, Chacon had finally been caught. This weekend, he was arrested by police in the border town of Calexico on two outstanding warrants.

A previous check of court records found Chacon has criminal charges going back for years. He was last arrested in mid-April for car theft, according to reports.

The new case also lists a prior case in October 2005, where Chacon was convicted of false imprisonment, according to the documents.

One of the enhancements in the new case also alleges that Chacon is "not eligible to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment in the county jail" for a current conviction.

The two other charges in this case are a count of shooting into an occupied building the night of April 30, and gang participation.

Chacon is set to be back in court on this case on July 25.