Man wins jackpot at Internet caf, claims he never received winnings

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- A Bakersfield man told Eyewitness News Friday he recently won a jackpot at a local Internet caf, but never received the winnings.

Corey Francies claims he won a jackpot at an internet caf two weeks ago and has still not been paid a dime of his winnings. Francies said he was playing a game called "Soda Pop" at the time of the win. "It's called a morph bonus. It means you clean the machine out," Francies said. Eyewitness News visited the Internet caf, located at Oak Street and Chester Lane, but received no response from management. According to Francies, the manager of the Internet caf acknowledged his win and told him that he would handle it and get back to Francies. Two weeks later, Francies said he still had not received his winnings. He says he has made several trips back to the caf and left his number with other employees, in an attempt to find out what's going on. Bakersfield City Councilman Russell Johnson said this is one reasons why the city and county have been fighting against Internt cafes in Bakersfield. "They are illegal operating gambling halls within communities. They're preying upon folks in our community that really can't afford to gamble, yet they do," Johnson said. Johnson said the law is in a grey area. "Until we have an appellate court decision that comes down that says 'no, these are illegal,' we're kind of in this legal 'no man's land' waiting for that court decision," Johnson said.