McCarthy on immigration reform: 'secure our borders as a first step'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Congressman Kevin McCarthy's office released a statement from the congressman Thursday evening regarding immigration reform.

People in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, specifically those looking to help immigrants, have made a habit lately of protesting outside McCarthy's office in Bakersfield or targeting McCarthy in protests. McCarthy, a Republican and the majority whip, is from Bakersfield.

McCarthy has remained mum for the most part on his stance on immigration reform. District director Vince Fong sent Eyewitness News the following statement from McCarthy:

"Rather than take up the legislation rushed through the Senate, House committees will continue their work on a step-by-step, common-sense approach to fixing what has long been a broken immigration system. The American people want our border secured, our laws enforced, and the problems in our immigration system fixed to strengthen our economy. We are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws. You have to consider both principles when addressing our broken immigration system. Throughout history, our country has been made better by the contributions of immigrants. We must secure our borders as a first step in developing a long-term, realistic and enforceable solution. Congress will continue to thoroughly review all proposals as we work to restore faith in our immigration system."