Metal plates cause curiosity, concern among Bakersfield drivers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Construction along Gosford Road has sparked a lot of interest from drivers. Metal plates covering the roadway are loud and even a little scary for some, but the city ensures you have little to worry about.

Rick Millwee with the Bakersfield Public Works Department said Shell Pipeline is installing a new petroleum pipeline under Gosford Road.

"The pipeline will be extending from Panama Lane to Stockdale Highway," said Millwee.

One driver frequent to the area said, "I almost crashed trying to get out of the way, because I thought if I hit that thing, it's gonna flip up and hit my car!"

Public Works said the plates are safe, and the road will be back to normal once the project is complete.

"The finished product will be a trench patch. It'll be much like it was before the construction started," said Millwee.

So, the big question is when will construction be completed? Millwee said in about three to four weeks.

"That's great. Now let's get them fixed and get the road back to normal," said one driver in response to the completion schedule.

Construction in the area is done at night. Drivers are asked to take extra caution, especially when driving on Gosford during that time.