'Mommy!' Air Force mom surprises son after 9 months away

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - On the morning of the second to last day of first grade, 7-year-old Jordan Holst Jr. got a call from his mom Brianne, who had been away for 9 months on her third deployment with the Air Force.

They talked about what he was going to do when she came home: Give mom a big hug.

And they talked about what she was going to do when she came home: Give her Jay Jay a big kiss.

Later in the day at Yolanda Elementary, Jay Jay opened the door to a classroom and realized that hug and kiss was coming sooner than he'd expected.

"Mommy!" he cried, running to his mother's arms. "Mommy!"

"Hey, baby," she said as Jordan Sr. stood by, grinning. "How are you doing?"

KVAL News was there for the special family reunion.

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