Mother of stillborn baby launches initiative to help grieving families


A program at Kern Medical has helped Bakersfield families while going through the bereavement process.

It incorporates a device called the "Cuddle Cot" and is designed to give parents of stillborn babies more time with their little ones, to bond with them and to grieve over them before the baby is carried away.

This program began in March 2015 at Kern Medical and was designed in the U.K.

Carrie Kennison is a nurse at Kern Medical. She, along with the hospital and the Kern Medical Auxiliary Department, made it all possible.

In 2013, Kennison received the devastating news that her baby had lost his life before she gave birth.

"It is just the worse possible moment of your life when you are told your baby does not have a heartbeat anymore, and having to give birth to that baby, and it's just silence," described Kennison.

She decided she would turn her tragedy into action for others and brought the idea of the Cuddle Cot to Kern Medical.

Since the launch of the program, families have been afforded more time with their babies.

"Doing the Cuddle Cot is what makes me feel better," she said. "I feel like I am parenting my baby by giving back to the community."

Kern Medical is looking to expand the program by adding more options for grieving families.

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