Pasadena prof to cut pornography class

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) A Pasadena City College professor who invited an adult film star to lecture for a class he nicknamed "Navigating Pornography" said he won't offer the course again anytime soon.

"I'm exhausted by threats and controversy" over the class and some of his online writings, Hugo Schwyzer told the Pasadena Star-News in an email Wednesday. "I need a break."

In February, Schwyzer invited school alumnus James Deen, the star of "Atomic Vixens," ''Batman XXX" and some 1,300 other adult movies, to speak on campus as part of a gender studies class that examined the changing role of pornography in society.

He wanted the lecture to be public. However, within hours of word getting out, Schwyzer was called into a meeting with administrators of the suburban Los Angeles campus that sits along the route of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

The college said in a statement that Schwyzer didn't follow proper procedures when he sought a permit for Deen's appearance, which didn't allow officials to take proper security measures.

Deen eventually was allowed to lecture to students in a closed classroom, although media were invited.

A call to the college seeking comment was not immediately returned Thursday.

Schwyzer told the Star-News that his decision to stop teaching the class for now resulted from college pressure as well as online hate comments he receives daily on social media because of his other writings on gender issues.

Some said they were sorry the class was being pulled.

"I'm sad to see that the class won't be offered anymore and that it didn't receive support from our administration because it was a really tasteful and informative and empowering class," said former student Hanna Israel, 23.

Schwyzer said he hopes to one day resume teaching the class or help another professor teach it.

"I think the course did a lot of good and I think we have to continue to study pornography," he said. "The fact that I'm stopping for now for my own mental health does not mean that there is not going to be more courses on porn."