Plan adopted to greatly expand cycling in Kern County

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) After a year of effort, the Kern Council of Governments adopted a countywide bicycle master plan.

According to Kern COG, the purpose is to develop a network of bicycle facilities that will provide better access to attractive destinations in the County, including transit locations, schools and shopping destinations, and to develop complete streets recommendations to include policies, best practices and design guidelines for plan implementation.

"It's a matter of providing facilities so that two types of transportation can co-exist in the same space," said Peter Smith, senior planner with Kern COG.

The master plan will also provide recommendations for improving and expanding the inventory of bicycle support facilities, such as on-street bike parking, storage areas and bike racks on public transit.

Currently, there are about 70 miles of existing bicycle facilities in the unincorporated areas of Kern County. The recommendation is to create 740 miles of lanes and paths countywide.

The adopted master plan now makes Kern County eligible to pursue state funding and grants to implement the master plan. The estimated total cost is $26 million.