Police: 16 arrested in parole and probation sweep in California City

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX)-- Officers arrested 16 people during a probation and parole sweep of California City Saturday.

The California City Police Department targeted specific areas impacted by crime with the help of Highway Patrol officers.

Police said the 16 people were arrested during the sweep on charges including parole violations, arrest warrants and narcotics crimes.

California City officials said their sweep was aimed at improving the quality of life for it's citizens. They expect to conduct more sweeps as the summer notes unfold.

From CCPD: Should you have any information regarding criminal activities occurring in your neighborhood contact the California City Police Department at (760) 373-8606.

Below is a list of names of those arrested during Saturday's sweep:

Jeffery Booth

Angelica Chuayiuso

Jamie Denardo

Jason John Eglan

Dylan Hampton

Clyde Elton Joseph

Daniel H. Lee

Thomas Joseph Lenz

Nicholas Owens

Lamar Richard

Alexandra Rosa

Michael Rose

Photographs of the following individuals who were also arrested were not available at the time of this report:

Jimmy Lee Mitchell

Anthony Hutchinson

Said Aguilar

Carlos Martinez