Rep. Kevin McCarthy works counter at local sandwich shop

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Rep. Kevin McCarthy got back to his sandwich shop owner roots on Friday, helping out behind the counter at the Sequoia Sandwich location in downtown.

McCarthy, who is set to become the House majority leader next month, said the event is something he does regularly.

"Every couple months I go and work at small business," McCarthy said. "The challenge you learn from being a small business owner, there's a lot of struggles, from the regulations to everything going about doing it.

"The best way for me to continue to know them and learn them is be apart of it and work for a day," he added.

The four-term congressman has risen quickly to the top of the Republican Party, becoming the majority leader faster than anyone in the party's history.

"Being able to be a majority leader allows me to take those values of Kern County and apply them in Congress to turn Washington around," McCarthy said. "To me it's a very big honor. There's never been a majority leader in the history of California."

McCarthy touched on several topics affecting California, including the ongoing drought.

"The number one thing you need is rain," McCarthy said. "We need to have laws that allow us to pump the water, not pick fish over people. One of the things we passed through congress, a bill that would help in regards to the drought. The senate has a much different bill. We're working to try and find ways to work together to get one single bill through both."

The congressman also spoke about immigration.

"Well, I think for any hope of immigration reform, you first have to secure the border," McCarthy said. "The humanitarian crisis that's happening right now from central American, those young children, some dying in the desert and others, based upon what they think will happen in America.

"You have to first secure that before you start anywhere going forward," he added.