Results released from Arvin gas leak tests

ARVIN, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Kern County has now released some results from the Arvin gas leak more than seven weeks after the residents who live on Nelson Court were evacuated from their homes.

Petro Capital Resources has tested samples that came from the flare gas, as well as indoor air samples, gas samples and soil gas samples over the past several weeks.

The data released on Wednesday indicates that levels of different compounds present after the gas leak have gone down, but not enough to meet Cal EP and Federal EP standards.

Vicky Furnish, Hazmat Program Supervisor for Kern County says, "If you have levels that are above these standards then that tells us that further evaluation needs to be conducted in order for the residents to make sure that there are no potential health risks."

PCR has completed deactivated and capped the leaking gas line and it will no longer be used. The company is required to continue testing and is currently removing all contaminants from the soil.

"It's an ongoing ordeal and we realize it's really hard for the residents, but we want them to be safe in their home," says Furnish.

PCR will also be required to submit a re-occupancy plan to the county when the levels do appear safe, in order to prove to the county, the city of Arvin and residents that those levels can be maintained at or below those set standards. They also need to prove that remediation efforts are working.

At this time it is still uncertain when the displaced families will be able to return home.