San Diego teen does something only 201 Scouts have ever done: earn all merit badges

SAN DIEGO (AP) A San Diego Eagle Scout who admits to being competitive has reached a milestone by earning every possible Scouting merit badge.

Seventeen-year-old Patrick Barnsley has 135 badges. A scoutmaster who tracks such honors, Troy Pugh, tells U-T San Diego that only 201 Scouts in the organization's history have won all the badges. That includes three brothers in San Diego County since 2006.

However, because the number of badges has increased over time, only 11 other Scouts have equaled Barnsley's total.

The badges are awarded for learning skills such as plumbing, archery, and bugling. Barnsley's been earning them since he was 10. To win his final badge this year, Barnsley spent $500 to be certified in scuba diving.

Now Barnsley's off to college. He wants to become an actor.