Say What? JFK edition

This week's "Say What?" focuses on the legacy of JFK.

On the anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy's assassination, Eyewitness News asked viewers to reflect on where Kennedy ranked on the presidential pantheon. Asking these questions:

1. Which president would you rank as the top modern President?

2. Gallup released a survey last week. Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Eisenhower were listed as the top modern Presidents. Do these rankings surprise you?

3. Another Gallup poll found 61 percent of people believe there was a conspiracy with others to kill JFK beyond just Lee Harvey Oswald. Do you believe it was one man who killed JFK or do you believe there was a conspiracy?

4. If you believe there was a conspiracy with others, who do you think conspired to assassinate JFK?

5. Why do you think 50 years after his death no other president has captured the nation's loyalty as Kennedy did?

The opinions expressed here are their own, and not endorsed by Eyewitness News.