Schools explore anti-bullying app

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A new anti-bullying phone and computer application could potentially help cut down on the amount of bullying in some Kern County schools.

Safe Schools Ambassadors anti-bullying pilot project has started at six Kern County School districts and seven local schools. Those schools are: Golden Valley High School, Bakersfield High School, Tehachapi High School, Taft High School, Greenfield Middle School, Rosedale Middle School and Lincoln Junior High.

The Safe School Ambassadors Program allows students to nominate their peers who they feel would be the top leaders in the anti-bullying efforts. Some of those nominated students will then be chosen as ambassadors by school officials.

The application, created by Community Matters, will then be available for use by those chosen student ambassadors.

Rick Phillips, Community Matters founder and executive director, said the application will allow the ambassadors to safely report their efforts to intervene and stop bullying incidents from occurring.

"What the app does is gives the Safe School Ambassador students the opportunity to record their actions or interventions," said Phillips. "After they have said or done something to prevent, or interrupt, or stop something, you know, a bullying incident from happening."

This pilot project will run through May.

After that, feedback of the application will be reviewed and used to improve details in the application's design. If the project is found to be successful, the program will then be used in most, or all, of the Safe School Ambassadors school sites.