Smartphone app allows you to give leftover food to strangers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Want to share leftover food with a stranger? A smartphone app can help facilitate the transaction.

The creator of LeftoverSwap calls it the "most popular food-sharing application" available. That's because it's also the only food-sharing application.

According to LeftoverSwap's website, about 40 percent of food goes to waste. Company officials say they have a solution.

Eyewitness News tested the app, listing a box of chili-cheese fries. No takers.

We also asked a family at lunch what they thought of the app.

"I might do it just out of curiosity, just to see," says Toni Jacobs. "Wouldn't that be so weird if we did that, and someone came up and said, 'You didn't finish your shrimp-fried rice!' and I would say, 'Here!'"

Others in the community say it may not be the best way to get rid of extra food. Cindy Lyday, of the Bakersfield Homeless Center, says that food could be going to a better home.

"Our clients typically aren't equipped with smartphones that would have an app," says Lyday. "They are in need. It's typically a family that's in crisis, and they know where they can go."

Lyday says the center is especially in need of food now, when kids are still off for the summer. They take care of more than 100 children, many of which get three meals a day from a food pantry. Lyday says that pantry is getting pretty low.

Even though the center takes mostly nonperishable food, they are more than willing to take leftovers, instead of giving it away via an iPhone app.

"People that run the kitchen are just excellent chefs, and if they get something like that, they'll either serve that up or make a whole new meal out of it," says Lyday.

Whether it's the best use of leftovers or not, is food found on LeftoverSwap's app trustworthy?

"I would possibly eat cake. Only if it's good cake," says 11-year-old Zeria.