Spam blocking group reports major cyberattack

      LONDON (AP) Spam-fighting organization Spamhaus says it's being subjected to a massive cyberattack, apparently from groups angry at being blacklisted by the Geneva-based group.

      One expert warned that the electronic onslaught was affecting others across the Internet.

      Users could experience slower Internet or be subjected to unwanted emails.

      Spamhaus carries a constantly-updated blacklist of service providers suspected of offering refuge for spammers.

      In an interview, Spamhaus' Vincent Hanna said his site had been hit by a crushing wave of denial-of-service attacks and that it was "a small miracle that we're still online."

      Hanna said his group had been weathering such attacks since mid-March. The attacks work by flooding target servers with traffic.

      Patrick Gilmore of Akamai Technologies said the attack was so large that online bystanders had been hit as well.