Suspected storage unit burglar in court

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing donations faced a Kern County judge Friday.

Ronald Fainter was arraigned for allegedly stealing those goods from a storage unit on Buck Owens Boulevard.

Brandon Smith was the owner of one of the storage units broken into.

He runs the nonprofit BLove Clothing Co.

For each item of clothing sold by BLove another is donated to a child in need.

Smith estimates about $30,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from his unit sometime after Thanksgiving.

This week he was contacted by a Bakersfield Police detective.

He was asked to help identify some of the stolen merchandise.

He estimates about 15-20 percent of the clothes were recovered. But he says the majority is gone.

"At this point I'm just looking forward," said Smith.

While he works to rebuild BLove Clothing Co. he hopes whoever committed the robbery can rebuild as well.

"I hope in the future they will see they're valuable people," Smith said, "they have gifts talents, they don't need to do this."