Tea Party member accuses Kern High School District of corruption

{A href=""}BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Bakersfield Tea Party member Bill Lind came to the defense Monday night of two former longtime employees of the Kern High School District.

John Fox and Clem Williams worked in the maintenance and operations department for years. The pair claim the district awarded roofing contracts without putting them out to bid.

The school district fired Fox and Williams in 2011 on grounds of being incompetent, dishonest and falsifying information on the job. Lind claims the pair were unjustly fired because they were whistle-blowers for corruption.

Speaking before the Kern High School Board of Trustees, Lind accused the district of corrupt practices.

"There was a strong possibility of kickbacks, bribes or improper gifts being given by companies benefiting from these shady contracts," said Lind.

But trustees did not respond to Lind's remarks.

"Our attorney has advised us not to make any comment about this litigation because it is ongoing," said KHSD spokesman John Teves.

Fox and Clemens are suing the school district, claiming wrongful termination. The case is expected to be heard later this year.