Toddler allegedly killed by caretaker laid to rest

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.-- Mourners spilled into the sidewalk outside Church of Christ Christian Ministries Church on Wilson Road, embracing and consoling the family of 21-month-old Kai'Dan Webb.

"He was a very happy baby. Like anytime you'd see him, he was smiling," said Marqueisa Carruthers, a friend of the toddler's family.

The child was the victim of a homicide. According to Kern County Sheriff's investigators, the boy's mother Jeukayla Webb, left her son in the care of 17-year-old Asiah Hines at Webb's home on the 1700 block of Jefferson Street on December 16.

Court documents state that Hines admitted to striking the child because "he wouldn't stop crying". When deputies arrived at the home at around 3:15 a.m., the toddler was unresponsive. He died a few hours later at Kern Medical Center.

"To the people out there that get so upset when it comes to babies, take time out!" said a family member named Keashia who did not want to reveal her last name. "Regardless of how you feel, you can't take it out on a child," she said.

Burial was at done at Union Cemetery. One of Kai'Dan's favorite toys, a bright red car he liked to ride was placed at the side of his coffin.

"We're really having a difficult time with this," said family member Keashia. "I would like to ask Bakersfield to continue to pray for the family, both sides mother and father."