Truth behind 'Datsun daughter' car ad

EUGENE, Ore. - Sex sells everything, from cheeseburgers to perfume. Cars are no exception.

Consider this model posing with a 1977 Datsun 280Z for an eBay ad for Oregon-based Ridley's Rides. NOTE: Photos may not be suitable for all visitors

The photos aren't something new for automotive dealer, which features a pin-up section on its website.

But on eBay, the man behind the ads claimed to be the model's father - and having his daughter pose in panties to sell a car turned some heads.

One eBay user posted on the ad: "Does buying the car include a free ride with the porn star?"

Kim Ridley, the owner of Ridley's Rides, responds: "That's not a nice way to talk about my daughter, but sure! Hit 'buy it now.'"

Ridley, a Eugene resident, confessed to KVAL News on Wednesday that the girl in the photos is not his daughter but a longtime friend.

He said the whole thing started out as a joke that maybe went a little too far: Ridley said he is getting calls from TV stations and newspapers across the country.

But the car sold: the top bidder offered $7,500 for the low-miles sports car.

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