Viewers against possible school move

McKITTRICK, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) A viewer called about a rumor that McKittrick Elementary could be moving. Eyewitness News went to the school to investigate.

The item was on the agenda at last Tuesday night's McKittrick School District board meeting.

The district has been approached by a local oil company about selling the property on which the school sits. Principal Barry Koerner said the oil company would then buy land on which to build a new school.

But, not everyone is fine with the idea.

April Flirt lives on Ellis Street, a few miles from where the school is now. Next door to Flirt is a property, 9011 Ellis St., that the principal confirmed is a possible relocation spot.

Flirt doesn't want a school next to her.

"I moved out here to have peace and quiet," Flirt said.

Art Chezum lives in McKittrick now. He doesn't want the school to move for a different reason.

"The oil fields are like big fish, they're like chumming the school," Chezum said, "We want the school to be there, because it protects our town. It keeps us as a town."

Koerner said there are benefits to moving.

"It'd be nice to have multiple plugins," he said. "You wouldn't have to configure your classroom around where the outlets are."

Parents we spoke with seemed on board. One said it could be a great deal.

Another, Kathy Cooper, said, "As long as it was equitable."

"The oil company is willing to foot the bill to build you a brand new facility," Koerner said. "It's something you can't pass on just because of tradition."

Koerner also insisted the school isn't going forward with any plans until the oil company can acquire the land suitable for a new facility.

"If it ever happens," Koerner said, "it'd be because it's a benefit for our students."

Eyewitness News contacted the oil company to confirm the negotiations but had not received confirmation as of this publication.