Vince Gill, Paul Franklin to release album 'Bakersfield' in July

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) County music star Vince Gill has teamed with steel guitarist Paul Franklin to release an album in tribute of the Bakersfield Sound.

The Bakersfield Sound is "the loud, stripped-down and radio-ready music most closely identified with the careers of Country Music Hall of Fame members Buck Owens and Merle Haggard," the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum said in 2011 when announcing plans for a Bakersfield Sound exhibit.

The Gill and Franklin album will feature 10 songs that originated with Owens and Haggard.

"Bakersfield," as the album is called, will be released July 30, according to Gill's website.

Gill says "Bakersfield" is filled with the "greatest songs ever" and says he pays homage to Owens and Haggard by signing in their unique styles, according to the website.

Haggard wrote album liner notes for "Bakersfield" and says he's "highly complimented" by the project.

"But it was especially great to hear what they did with Buck's stuff," Haggard says on Gill's website. "Some may not notice, but I for one knew how great Buck really was, first as a musician, then as an artist."

Songs on the upcoming "Bakersfield" release:

"Foolin' Around" - Owens (written by Harlan Howard and Owens)
"Branded Man" - Haggard (written by Haggard)
"Together Again" - Owens (written by Owens)
"The Bottle Let Me Down" - Haggard (written by Haggard)
"He Don't Deserve You Anymore" - Owens (written by Arty Lange and Owens)
"I Can't Be Myself" - Haggard (written by Haggard)
"Nobody's Fool But Yours" - Owens (written by Owens)
"Holding Things Together" - Haggard (written by Bob Trotten and Haggard)
"But I Do" - Owens (written by Tommy Collins)
"The Fightin' Side Of Me" - Haggard (written by Haggard)