Walking on: Crime is setback but won't stop small Relay For Life team

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Relay For Life is just days away, and everyone's fundraising efforts are in full swing.

So, you can imagine one team's dismay when they found out a fifth of one of their fundraising event's earnings were fake.

Rebecca Weyent, Sandra and Phil Walker are members of "Clint's Crew," a first-year Relay team named after Rebecca's brother, who died from cancer.

Over the weekend, they held a yard sale with the funds going to Relay For Life.

"We spent almost two weeks sorting stuff," said Sandra Walker. "Putting this together, we worked hard."

The team raised $1,016. Or so they thought.

"We did very well," said Weyent. "Except that we were given two counterfeit $100 bills."

The trio said two young couples came to the yard sale and paid with counterfeit money.

"We checked for water marks, we checked for lines in them, they were present, so we had to assume they were real," said Weyent. "But when I took them to the bank on Monday, they were both counterfeit."

From there they said the federal government took the money and launched an investigation.

They said the two suspects are two young couples in their mid-20s, with tattoos. Weyent said she was devastated. After all, she organized the yard sale.

She thought she'd let the team down.

"I sat in my car and cried," she said.

"Relay For Life is a fantastic organization, it's a good cause to get behind," said Sandra Walker. "We're just a small family team that tried to do something, and they took it away."

But, all three say they won't let Relay For Life be ruined.

Weyent said, "I'm still gung ho for the event, the whole team is rearing to go, they can't taint that."

"Its not something that's ever going to stop because someone took money from us," she continued. "We are going to continue, and we are going to beat cancer, and we are going to help people find more birthdays."