Want to help fix a broken street light? There's an app for that

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Bakersfield has rolled out a new smartphone app to helps citizens easily report issues around the city.

A broken streetlight, a dangerous pothole or unsightly graffiti - all problems that can be reported via the app.

Downtown Bakersfield hair salon owner Bonnie Fortson reported graffiti near her business with the new app.

"Instantly, it goes right to the camera, you take the photo, and then it tells you step-by-step what to press, so it's pretty easy," said Fortson.

The new app rolled out by the city this week is called "Bakersfield Mobile."

Users who download the app can photograph problems from broken park equipment to pot holes to be fixed or cleaned up around the city.

Assistant to the city manager Chris Huot said once the report is submitted, the city will clean or fix the problem within 72 hours.

"Close to 60 percent of people have a smartphone," he said. "No matter the issue that you report, if it's one that's in the app, it goes directly to the department to their work order system."

The app automatically geo tags the location, a feature Fortson said made filing her report easy.

"I just pressed a button, and it said the exact location of where we were. I didn't even have to type in an address or find out where it was," said Fortson.

The app is free to download from your smartphone's app store.