Wife: Sheriff's office 'robbed me of the opportunity' to see dying husband

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The family of 56-year-old Robert Moore is devastated after they received news of his death on Wednesday morning but were never offered the opportunity to say good-bye.

A few weeks ago, Moore was pulled over while driving to the hospital to see his wife who had just had a heart attack. He was pulled over by sheriff's deputies and ticketed for driving on a suspended license.

On Monday, Moore turned himself in at the downtown jail to serve out a 10-day sentence. Less than 24 hours later, Moore was found unresponsive in a community cell.

"It appeared he was having trouble breathing," said sheriff's office spokesman Ray Pruitt . "Jail staff began administering medical aid."

Moore was then rushed to a hospital intensive-care unit and placed on life support.

Moore was pronounced dead at 5:35 on Wednesday morning.

His family said they were never contacted after Moore was taken from the jail to the hospital. The only time they received any notification was after he had died.

"They robbed me of the opportunity to be there to hold his hand, just to see him. He died alone," said Kathleen Moore, his wife of 10 years.

Kathleen Moore and her son, Bryan Thomas, said they were Robert's emergency contacts, and they don't understand why no one ever called them once he was taken from the jail to the hospital.

"We love him ,and now we'll never see him again, because they refused to call any of us," said Thomas.

Kathleen Moore said she hasn't even been able to see her husband's body yet, because she was told she needs to have him transferred to a mortuary first, and she doesn't have the money.

The autopsy was completed on Wednesday afternoon, but the cause of death is pending further studies.