Wolf OR-7 wandering back and forth across border

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) California once again can say it's home to the wandering wolf known as OR-7 he's back after less than a week.

The young male left northeastern Oregon last September and trekked more than 1,000 miles before wandering into Northern California two months ago.

He returned to Oregon's southern Cascades last week.

The California Department of Fish and Game reports OR-7's GPS tracking collar showed he was back in their jurisdiction Monday morning.

Department spokesman Mark Stopher (STOW-fer) says there is no telling where the wolf will go next, and he could be 50 miles from his last known position the next time his collar checks in with the satellite.

He is the first known wolf in California in 87 years.

Wolf experts believe OR-7 is looking for a mate.